Bed&Breakfast in South Tyrol, The culture of South Tyrol

Honest and genuine – the “Sarner Jangger”, a traditional jacket

20. September 2016

As the apple is to the inhabitants of the Vinschgau Valley, so is the Jangger to the people of the Sarntal Valley. The difference could hardly be greater. Thus, armed only with an apple as befits a true Vinschgau girl, I boldly set off for the tradition-minded Sarntal Valley to learn more about this very particular item of clothing. Continue Reading…

Bed&Breakfast in South Tyrol, South Tyrol

South Tyrol’s largest public gardens – nature in its purest form

20. July 2016

Where is your own personal spot for resting and relaxing? In your garden, on your balcony or in your sitting room? Is this where you go to recharge your batteries?
South Tyrol is home to eight huge gardens to rest and relax in, no matter if you are a South Tyrol local or just visiting. You can gather fresh bunches of flowers every day, quench your thirst in a crystal-clear stream and admire beauty spots that will send aesthetes into paroxysms of delight – profiles of three of the eight nature parks. Continue Reading…

The culture of South Tyrol

Summer, sun, summer retreat! Heading for the hills!!

29. June 2016

The mountains in summer: inhaling wonderfully fresh Alpine air, relaxing to the sound of the splashing water from mountain springs and lazing around in unspoilt meadows! Or beating a path through trees and undergrowth, following narrow mountain paths and getting blown away by the spectacular backdrop created by Mother Nature! Last but not least, observing the sun as it slowly sinks behind the mountain peaks after a rewarding day to make way for the moon and the stars, which seem so much closer when you’re so high up! Continue Reading…