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Good ‘törggelen’ tips from those in the know!

19. October 2016

Anyone coming to South Tyrol during the season when colourful leaves float to the ground probably has the same word going round and round their head: TÖRGGELEN. Tasting a glass of ‘suser’ wine in a cosy atmosphere by a crackling fire with chestnuts roasting on it and filling up on tasty and original culinary fare from South Tyrol … yes, anyone spending time in South Tyrol in autumn just HAS to go for a spot of ‘törggelen’. South Tyrol’s private hosts suggest a few things to look out for when planning a ‘törggelen’ trip, and they are the ones who should know! Continue Reading…

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12. October 2016

One day in Sterzing – Vipiteno! Two genuine South Tyrol scouts find out what you absolutely have to see and discover in this town. It’s off to the town centre by bike and by “train”, where breakfast is waiting (a mixture of sweet and savoury). :-) And the camera has already homed in on Sterzing – Vipiteno’s famous Zwölferturm, which rises up amidst the picturesque, lively alleyways of the town. Shops, colourful facades and cafés line the street. There are glimpses of a pretty courtyard now and again. Cobbled squares, ornate churches, and plenty of mountains, too. They are all around you. Around Sterzing – Vipiteno. Continue Reading…

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Honest and genuine – the “Sarner Jangger”, a traditional jacket

20. September 2016

As the apple is to the inhabitants of the Vinschgau Valley, so is the Jangger to the people of the Sarntal Valley. The difference could hardly be greater. Thus, armed only with an apple as befits a true Vinschgau girl, I boldly set off for the tradition-minded Sarntal Valley to learn more about this very particular item of clothing. Continue Reading…

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South Tyrol’s largest public gardens – nature in its purest form

20. July 2016

Where is your own personal spot for resting and relaxing? In your garden, on your balcony or in your sitting room? Is this where you go to recharge your batteries?
South Tyrol is home to eight huge gardens to rest and relax in, no matter if you are a South Tyrol local or just visiting. You can gather fresh bunches of flowers every day, quench your thirst in a crystal-clear stream and admire beauty spots that will send aesthetes into paroxysms of delight – profiles of three of the eight nature parks. Continue Reading…